Our story is a farmer's tale.

Villagers sorting beans

We are a coffee company, made by Torajans and Americans.

We're close friends and family with our farmers. We walk the fields, scattered across Sulawesi hillsides. We ride scooters up dangerous, slippery mountain roads. We care for the land, because it's the source of our rare, unforgettably unique and delicious, famously low-acid Indonesian coffee. We live there, in the villages. And we care about making living there better. One cup at a time.

Toraja Mountain Coffee Team

Art Hardie, CEO Toraja Mountain Coffee

Art Hardie


A father of four and serious foodie, Art is passionate about all things culinary - especially coffee, which is best served straight up, no cream, no sugar. Art grew up in the restaurant industry, working in both the front of house and back, and has since led the growth of brands from startup to Fortune 500. As the CEO of Toraja Mountain Coffee, Art is dedicated to connecting the Toraja farmers with the American coffee audience. Bridging two worlds, both supporting each other, sharing stories and a world of flavor and exploration.

Jenita Lebang

Director of Coffee Procurement 
& Farmer Relations

Jenita is from Toraja, born and raised. Jenita is living in Toraja and has been with Charlie from day 1. Jenita and Charlie have worked together for 6+ years starting from zero to now being chosen for 2 years in a row by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade for presenting to various nations our coffee we grow, process, and roast. Jenita is self taught in everything she has done. Her large family extends throughout the region and 90% are small coffee and chocolate farmers. Jenita’s father is a tribal leader.She is instrumental and holds key relationships with government officials including the Toraja Governor, and Director of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

Director of Coffee Procurement, Jenita Lebang
Chief Coffee Officer Charlie Kodak

Charlie Kodatt

Chief  Coffee Officer

Charlie has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience. Curious by nature, Charlie has 6+ years of living in Indonesia starting three companies starting with luxury furniture, leather shoe company and a successful coffee farming and roastery company. Charlie also has 6+ years of import and export experience and is living full time in Indonesia.Charlie is the most important connection to the land and farmers associated with Toraja Mountain Coffee. His relationship with the people of Toraja is that of a local and brother.

Our Farmers

Friendly, smiling faces. Strong hands and legs from walking the fields and working with the beans. Generations of knowledge and love for the mountains of Toraja and the soils and rains that give rise to our coffee. And, every cup of coffee you buy helps grow their farming infrastructure and future for their families.

Torajanese Village Chief

Our Mission

Create & Connect

Our mission is to create a genuine, ongoing connection between American coffee-drinkers and the Torajan people through the celebration of this rare, remote, uniquely delicious brand of coffee bean - and as a result shape a better life and future for our farmers, their lands, villages and families.


We connect people from opposite sides of the world.


We connect people from opposite sides of the world.


We give you better tasting and smoother coffee. Everyday.


We pay 3x market rate to support our farmers and their families.


news information and insights into the world of Toraja Mountain Coffee.

Mountain-to-Cup Difference


Mountain-to-Cup Difference

May 18, 2023 Charles Rosenberger

All Toraja Mountain Coffees are wild, naturally grown. Detached from outside influence.

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Biodiversity & Better Coffee

Biodiversity & Better Coffee

Like any plant, coffee takes nutrients from the soil, water and rain. In industrial coffee farms, this means row after row of coffee plant, isolated from nature, fertilized, mechanically harvested, etc. It’s sterile, repetitive and the opposite of wild.

Feb 21, 2024 Charles Rosenberger
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Indonesian Coffee and the Magic of Mountain Farming

Indonesian Coffee and the Magic of Mountain Farming

When it comes to Indonesian coffee, typically people think of Sumatra. Truthfully, it really is a big, beautiful island in Indonesia with more than 50 million inhabitants. And delicious Indonesian coffee has been grown, harvested, roasted and shipped from the world-famous Sumatra region for over a century. In fact, it’s where we get the word ‘java’ from, because Java is one of the islands in the region. And for a time it was considered the best coffee in the world. 

Apr 15, 2024 Charles Rosenberger
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The Art of Master Roasting Indonesian Coffee

The Art of Master Roasting Indonesian Coffee

Indonesian coffee is perhaps one of the most miscategorized and misunderstood coffee origins out there.

Apr 24, 2024 Charles Rosenberger
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