Helping You Find Your Coffee Grinder

By: Art Hardie

Should you buy whole beans and grind at home before brewing your coffee?

Absolutely. The flavor is so much richer and fresher. But which coffee grinder should you get? We get this question all the time from customers looking to make the switch to whole bean. And we do, in fact, have a recommendation.

Before sharing our most affordable and reliable fave, let us make this clear: there’s lots of great coffee equipment out there. From high end and high design, to brutally simple and compact. But when it comes to grinders, we recommend the OXO Burr Grinder. For a number of reasons.

First, it’s affordable - typically less than $100. It has a clean design with a vertical profile on  your counter, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space or stick out like a sore thumb. It’s fast, efficient and reliable. The ones we all use at our homes have had zero issues and perform well. The grind settings work really well. You can make a mega-fine espresso grind or a coarse grind ready for cold brew. The grinder also has a timing function that honestly isn’t necessary - just grind what you need. We don’t really recommend dumping beans in the top and filling that up - because you might wanna change beans more frequently than the volume in the storage on top. 

One last tip, make sure to keep the inner workings of the grinder clean. Espresso grind is very fine and clog the whole thing up. We like to use some kind of compressed air (you can use those computer air cans) to blow the grinder out and get all the old grinds out. Trust us, there will be more in there than you think. 

So, once again. The OXO Burr Grinder. You can easily find it on Amazon or Target. And yes, it works great with any of our wild grown, hand-farmed Indonesian coffee. The smell when grinding is absolutely unique and amazing.

We hope you found this helpful and feel free to share your favorite grinders or other equipment tips with us at

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