Kampung - Dark Roast Espresso Blend
Kampung - Dark Roast Espresso Blend
Kampung - Dark Roast Espresso Blend
Kampung - Dark Roast Espresso Blend


    Espresso Blend
Tasting Notes:
    Fig, Molasses, Brown Sugar and Chocolate

Exclusively blended for espresso, cuban and turkish coffees.

Our Kampung "Bull Strength" Indonesian coffee recipe honors the life and spirituality of Toraja. Translating to “village” in Indonesian, this culinarily-precise, single origin blend consists of a premium Arabica bean paired with a unique, high altitude Robusta bean. Uniting to create an uplifting, exotic profile that’s perfect for espresso. Frothy, flavorful and distinctly smooth. Representing the full spectrum of people, places and sacred buffalo that define the land and culture.

Offered in a special Espresso Grind

Recommended Preparation

Espresso | Cuban | Turkish

VeganGluten FreeNon-GMO

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Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Fig, Molasses, Brown Sugar and Chocolate

Roast Profile



5,200 – 6,500ft



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Common Questions

Unlike the widely available Indonesian Sumatran coffee, our coffee’s uniqueness comes from the region it’s grown in and the people it’s grown by. Entirely remote, it takes almost 3-days(36 hours) worth of travel from the United States just to reach the farms and villages where our beans grow. And getting it isn’t easy. Our coffee beans grow in areas where they have to be transported down narrow mountain paths accessible only by motorbike or water buffalo.

Ultimately, it's up to you. However, we recommend different brewing methods for each of our coffees. For example: Sapan it fantastic as a pour over. You can find the recommended brewing methods on each of the product detail pages on our website.

All of our coffees are naturally vegan and gluten free, making them keto and paleo-friendly.

At this time we do not offer any decaf options for our coffee. However, the way our coffee is grown, processed and roasted creates a brew that isn’t too heavily caffeinated allowing you to enjoy our coffee at any time of the day without feeling jittery.